Auction 10 Bids

10 Bids


Highest Bid:
USD 0.01 Latest Bidder

30 Seconds Timer

S = Single Bid   ,   B = Bid Agent
Market Value :
USD 13
Price :
USD 0.01

Save more than USD 12.49 compared to the market value!
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currency auction

USD 9.47

currency auction

10 Bids - Information

Now you have the possibility to get more bids to use on StarBid's other exciting auctions.

What do I get if I win?
You will get 10 Bids credited to your account automatically.

Win and put a smile on your face!


Note! Once you have won this bid pack auction, you have to use all bids before the end of the week, Sunday. If there are any bids left from this auction, they will be removed from your account after Sunday’s last auction.

Auction Information

Auction ID:
Auction type:
Payment Options:
Credit/Debit card
Bidding starts at:
USD 0.01
Start time:
Mon, Jul 1st 2019, 02:00:00
Closing time:
Sat, Aug 17th 2019, 09:00:06
Shipping :

Shipping Information:

Directly to your StarBid account