Auction 20 USD

20 USD


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USD 0.02 Latest Bidder

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tientoan S
S = Single Bid   ,   B = Bid Agent
Market Value :
USD 20
Price :
USD 0.02

Save more than USD 19.98 compared to the market value!
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currency auction

USD 6.69

currency auction

20 USD - Information

20 USD for a few cents?

Thats right! You can bid on this BIG, Naughty, Crazy, Exciting and Fantastic auction and win it for ONLY a few cents.

If you never bet - You will never get!

The auction price must reach a minimum of 0.30 USD to make the auction sale valid. If the auction closes below 0.30 USD, everyone gets their bids back and no one wins the auction.

What you waiting for? 

Win BiG at StarBid!

Auction Information

Auction ID:
Auction type:
Payment Options:
Credit/Debit card
Bidding starts at:
USD 0.01
Start time:
Mon, Oct 1st 2018, 02:21:33
Closing time:
Thu, Oct 11th 2018, 20:30:06
Shipping :

Shipping Information:

Directly to your PayPal or Skrill account.