About Us

Who We Are

StarBid consists of a group of entrepreneurs at the elite level when it comes to the new era of business.
The team members are driven service-oriented people whose goal is to make the life duties easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

StarBid.eu, an auctions website created in Sweden in March 2012 and with a unique auction concept for currencies. The goal is to offer the customers a fun, unique, cost effective and secure service to buy currencies like the GBP, Euro, USD, CAD and SEK much cheaper than the market price.
StarBids services is registered at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.


 Everything started from...

...a dream and a strong will and determination to realize that dream. The CEO, founder and creator of StarBid wanted to launch something unique and new that had many audiences, currencies, and took the online currency exchange to the next level.
- Our goal is to see many happy winners every day!

What makes StarBid so good?

· Unique-, Simple-, Cost Effective-, Fun- and a Secure service.
· We give customers an opportunity to buy currencies much cheaper than the market price (up to about 98% than market price)
· We are auctioning currencies such as Canadian Dollar, Euro, British Pound, US Dollar and Swedish krona on the Internet (auction site)
· A globally unique auction concept for ordinary people
· Secured cash deposit / withdrawal (PayPal)
· There is no similar service in the market

· StarBid is registered at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority


At StarBid you get More Value for Money!


Below you can read that StarBid is registered from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. (Use google translate)