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Winner’s Network Promotion (2 FREE BIDS) 

Once you have won an auction and shared the link for your won auction on Facebook, tag 10 of your friends and write a nice comment for the auction that you won! For this you will receive 2 FREE BIDS.

This is only valid for members who have bought minimum two bid packs!

Note! You must take a snapshot / print screen of your Facebook page and send it to  to receive 2 free bids. This promotion is not valid for Beginner and Starter Auctions!


Referral (5 FREE BIDS)

You know that you will receive 5 BIDS for FREE each time you refer a friend to StarBid who purchases a bid pack? Yes, that is true! Tell your friends to type your username or email address in the referral field when he / she signs up.


Take a Photo (30 FREE BIDS)

We have a campaign for our winners, where StarBid give you 30 bids to receive a picture of you plus a nice comment about the auction you just won!

This is only valid for users who have bought minimum three bid packs!

Your Picture has to be in high resolution (at least 400x400).


Note! Please write to this email This promotion is not valid for Beginner and Starter Auctions!