Effective Date: March 4th, 2013

All who signs up agree to all following terms and conditions applicable to starbid.eu and all of its partners.

Anyone who signs up must be 18 years or older to participate in the auctions.
StarBid cannot check if anyone under 18 registers and disclaims any and all liability if this happens.

StarBid employees and their families are in no way allowed to participate in StarBids auctions.

Our business is registered and approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority which you can also view the decision on our website.
A person is only allowed to register once with an email address.
When you sign up you must create a username that is in no way offensive, inappropriate or created to mislead other users or persons, whether deliberately or not.
Username may not advertise for other companies, or contain addresses to other companies’ websites.
Please note: StarBid reserves the right to modify the user name of any reason, and acting judge if someone is violating these rules.
The password should be protected by the user from others scrutiny.
As a registered member of Starbid, you accept to receive information from Starbid to your registered email address at Starbid.
StarBid KB is registered in Sweden, (company reg no; 969756-4475) and follows Swedish law. Starbid is also registered at the Swedish Governmental Financial Supervisory. If any of the following occurs, StarBid reserves the right to disqualify bids, as well as suspend users:

  • If a user at registration or bidding relinquishes misleading information.
  • If two or more bidders cooperate in exchanging information.
  • If a user opens more than one account.
  • If a user violates other provisions of this Agreement.

From time to time will StarBid offer several of special auctions like Beginner, Starter, Ladies, Winners Bid Back and All Bids Back with different conditions.

Members who participates in auctions that they are not eligible to participate in such as those conditions, will not have the right to get their win or require bids back. Members who violate these terms may risk having their membership suspended from StarBid.

If StarBid suspects illegal cooperation or that a member has created several accounts, StarBid will have the right to demand ID identification before sending any won currency to the winner.
The user should not be caught using illegal, unacceptable or otherwise not allowed services in order to cheat, either for him/herself or for others in the auctions on StarBid. Nor shall users use any other programs or methods or hardware in auctions where it is not allowed. The use of other than the built in bid functions is strictly prohibited. If a user is caught with the use of such programs or methods he / she will be contacted and given a warning. The member account might also be closed if the damage is severe. This means damaging StarBid´s reputation or makes technical interference in the system. If he / she is discovered having won an auction with such methods, it will also result in a report and repayment of any money or bids improperly won.
Penny auction means that you can only raise the auction price by a predetermined amount; this is a bid, at StarBid this means each bid is currently worth 1 penny, thus the name “penny auction”. If no new bids are received 30 seconds after the last bid is submitted the auction will close. Each auction has a countdown timer showing how much is left of the bid time rounded down to whole seconds from when the last bid was placed. The countdown timer is continually synchronized with StarBids servers as far as the user's connection allows. StarBid is not responsible for the disruption / interruption in the user's connection and the errors that can occur due to this. Included but not limited to: improper countdown of the bid time, outdated information on bidders and bids. StarBid reserves the right to pause all auctions in cases of suspected malfunction of StarBids page. StarBid reserves the right to change the bid time in upcoming auctions and open closed auctions on suspicion of malfunction. StarBid reserves the right to restart all current and completed auctions if a malfunction occurs.
A winning bid is binding to the bidder. A binding agreement is formed between StarBid and bidders who is the certified winner of the auction. After the auction, it is both StarBid and the buyer's responsibility to help ensure that the payment is completed. StarBids responsibility is to ensure the winner of the auction is contacted and receives his/her payment notice. The winner's responsibility is to ensure that payment is made on time. Payment terms for invoices of winning bids are 3 (three) days. In the event the bidder fails to fulfill his/her payment obligations towards StarBid, the winning bid is cancelled. The winner of an auction pays no fees to Starbid for getting the winning bid, but if partners or anyone else debits any service fee, handling fees, taxes, etc. during the transaction process or afterward, this aren´t anything which can be claimed at Starbid.
StarBid contacts the winner within 24 business hours after the auction is closed. Contact is information about the winning bid to the member via Stabid´s website, in the member account, via email, via SMS, via phone or other media. If the winner is not contactable and does not pay within the due date (3 days) StarBid reserves the right not to complete the purchase.
We have the right to show your picture as a happy winner on our website or use it for news, media or advertising / commercials.
StarBid will have the right to choose if we want to display your image or not on StarBid.
To get the won auction payments user account must be a verified account and user must buy a bid pack at StarBid. If user's account is not verified, user must send us the copy of his/her ID/Passport or Utility bill at info@starbid.eu . Won auctions are usually paid for between 10 to 30 (Ten to Thirty) working days after payment of the winning bid is completed. StarBid is not responsible for delays caused by PayPal or other partners.
Bought is bought at starbid.eu
StarBid is not liable in any case for the bidders loss of data or bids becoming corrupted or did not get placed. StarBid is released from liability for performance of obligations is prevented or impeded by circumstances beyond our control that we could not reasonably have been expected to foresee. The service is typically operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service may be affected by disturbances. StarBid reserves the right to postpone the date and time of the auction after unexpected downtime. Including but not limited to errors in Internet connections to servers, hacking, service interruptions at suppliers as well as force majeure. StarBid shall have no liability for any overload on the website and its consequences. StarBid is not responsible for any damage or failure in our or others' computer equipment and / or programs affecting participation in StarBids auctions. StarBid is not responsible for changes in legislation, which may affect the auction and its implementation.
All stored personal data is treated with highest confidentiality and may be on the user's request removed from StarBids database in connection with the termination of membership. StarBid only use collected personal information to contact the bidder at any winning, disruption and marketing of StarBids own services. The user has full right to decline this by terminating its membership at StarBid. StarBid reserves the right to publish the winner's first name and last name.
Bought is bought at starbid.eu
StarBid reserves the right to ban users in case of not paying.
StarBid is not responsible for any technical failure of the provider of payment solutions. StarBid is not responsible if the bidder fails with a transaction. If there is an error in a transaction it is the bidder’s responsibility to inform StarBid immediately.
StarBid reserves the right to transfer all or part of the rights and obligations under these terms and conditions. In case of any transfer, we will on general terms provide information on who, after the transfer, has taken over the rights or obligations. The Bidders on the site are not entitled to transfer rights or obligations under these Terms.
Swedish law shall apply to these terms, as applied to contracts entered into in Sweden between Swedish parties. Disputes regarding the validity, interpretation, applicability or application of these Terms and ensuing legal matters shall be settled by court in Sweden.
StarBid reserves the right to change these conditions. The new terms come into force immediately after publication.
We have the right to show your picture as a happy winner on our website or use it for news, media or advertising / commercials.

StarBid will have the right to choose if we want to display your image or not on StarBid if your picture does not fulfill the requirements.

Note! This concerns only the winners who sends in a picture of themselves to obtain 30 free bids and Facebook images.
StarBid reserves the right to amend or remove promotions displayed on the site without notifying our customers beforehand. It is the customers responsibility to read the terms to keep themselves up to date regarding the rules beforehand.
Cookies are used by StarBid in order to save your information and are not available for 3rd party. Abuse of these terms and conditions will lead to disqualification, that is to say his /her bid will be cancelled and any purchase may be compromised. Any tax consequences for the winners are the sole responsibility of the winners themselves. Other questions answered by customer service: support@starbid.eu within 24 hours in a workweek.